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Mentors with passion

Mentors with passion

Thank you for your interest in the JO100YPN Executive Mentorship program. Your willingness to share your time and expertise is a valuable service to Joel Omeike!, the P4PE Institute, the community, and the mentees that you will work with.

The program is structured and designed with the limited schedule of a hard-working executive in mind, and the time commitment required is typically no more than an hour or two per month.


Benefits of Being a Mentor:

  • Satisfaction: Gain personal satisfaction from sharing your own knowledge and insights
  • Hone Skills: Enhance coaching, feedback, leadership and networking skills
  • Development: Receive mentorship and leadership training
  • Reputation: Expand your reputation as a leader beyond your organization
  • Reflection: Self-reflect on career experience and future career growth
  • Experience new and creative styles, approaches and thought processes

A Mentor's Role

Serving as an executive mentor provides an opportunity for business executives to share their professional experience, knowledge and skills with JO100YPN who are relatively new to the business world and their chosen career profession. The mentor will act as a coach and role model to support a mentee with his or her personal and professional growth. The program provides a golden opportunity for executives to counsel and influence the next generation of business leaders.

Being a mentor provides personal satisfaction as well as the ability to increase the workforce readiness of future executive recruits. As mentors, executives help mentees clarify and achieve their personal and career goals, through sharing support, along with offering friendship and professional advice. Volunteer mentors are executive-level business people who agree to communicate with mentees at least once per month through the JO100YPN programme duration (6 – 12 months).

Mentor Responsibilities

As a mentor, you will choose how you share your experiences and insights with your mentee. Here are some guidelines that you may wish to follow to ensure that your mentorship experience is mutually rewarding.

  1. Set goals and expectations early. The only guideline that all mentors are expected to follow is that the mentor/mentee relationship stay business, career and professionally focused. In conjunction with the mentee, decide if you want to have regular meetings or communicate with each other as needed. We highly recommend working with the mentee to develop goals for the experience. Below are goals commonly held by mentors.
    • Increase exposure to your career field and industry. (What professional associations would you recommend? Are there conferences that they should attend?)
    • Experience successfully with professionals in their industry or area of interest. (What blogs and publications should they be reading? Are there terms or acronyms that they should know?)
    • Develop networking skills to establish professional contacts.
    • Improve professional communication skills.
    • Resume development. (What professional courses should they take? What extracurricular activities should they be taking part in?)
  2. Build rapport. Active listening, being responsive to contact attempts, and providing a safe, supportive environment where the mentee feels comfortable asking questions. Be honest, but respectful. Highlight your positive professional and career experiences while making them aware of the struggles.
  3. Actively engage and recognize mentoring opportunities. Participate in JO100YPN sponsored events with your mentee. If appropriate and possible, invite them to shadow you at work. Help them prepare for upcoming interviews and career fairs. Take note of their communication skills and etiquette and be prepared to work with them on it. A positive mentoring relationship is more about the accumulation of many small pieces of useful advice and support than it is about a single, life-changing experience.
  4. Other mentoring responsibilities include:
    • Be available to mentees for monthly meetings at the workplace or other business venue
    • Provide support and encouragement
    • Help mentees clarify goals
    • Offer guidance and constructive criticism
    • Provide introductions and access to key business circles
    • Demonstrate qualities successful business leaders possess

Mentor Qualifications

We ask that executive mentors possess more than 10 years of business and professional experience, business ethics and integrity and a network of friends, colleagues, and co-workers that can be called on as resources to assist the mentee. Interested professionals will need to complete the Executive Mentor Program application.

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If you are a JO100YPN mentee and would like to request a mentor, please visit the Mentees Page.