Information for Mentees

Mentees with Ambition

Mentees with Ambition

JO100YPN members enjoy the advantage of being in a strong business community, which provides for a vast network of accomplished, remarkable mentors. A professional business mentor provides young professionals with insight about building a career in their area of interest.

Being a JO100YPN mentee is an opportunity to experience, understand and learn from an executive mentor's professional experience, knowledge and skills. This one-on-one mentor relationship allows each mentee to receive individual attention and guidance related to career aspirations, professional development, and networking needs.

Mentors can help you keep up to date about changes and advances in their field, show you how to grow your future career, recommend professional courses to take, publications to read, blogs to follow, and select extracurricular activities that will help develop your resume. You should go in knowing that the mentor/mentee relationship is one of give and take. The benefit that you gain from your mentor's knowledge and experience depends on the amount of energy and enthusiasm that YOU bring to the relationship.


Benefits of Being a Mentee:

  • Clarify career goals and become ready for the workforce
  • Enhance opportunities for future jobs, and career success
  • Heighten professional development, develop competencies to accelerate career growth
  • Receive coaching in your profession. leadership, negotiation, image management and opportunity recognition
  • Gain unique insights and off-the-record understanding of how to lead in your profession and industry
  • Improve networking skills, build a stronger professional network and Increase business connections

Mentee Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a fully registered and current member of JO100YPN
  • Must be resident in any of the JO100YPN Countries (Africa)
  • Due to the goals and objectives of the program, candidates should be minimum 18 years old from the date of application
  • Maximum 10 years work experience from the date of application
  • All candidates must complete an Executive Mentor Program application

The selection process for this competitive program includes an application and interview. Volunteer and community service, prior academic and leadership experience, willingness to be an active and engaged participant, and ability to maintain professional goals are also weighed as important considerations.

Mentee Responsibilities

Young professionals participating in the JO100YPN Executive Mentorship Program (mentees) will be expected to follow some simple guidelines to help promote a mutually rewarding experience.

  1. Participate Actively. Participants must attend a JO100YPN Executive Mentorship Program Orientation (Live or Virtual). You must also attend 3 to 5 events hosted by Executive Mentorship Program annually in order to remain in the program
  2. Be professional and respectful. Mentors have made a commitment of time, wisdom and expertise. They are willing to share their hard-earned experiences for your benefit. Although they are professionals who can help you to network, it is not the responsibility of your mentor to take a direct role in job placement or financial support. Do not come into the relationship expecting to find a job at your mentor's firm.

Apply for Mentorship:

To apply: All applications are online. Apply to Request an Executive Mentor

If you are a business executive and would like to become a mentor, please visit the Mentors Page.

Please Note: The list of Mentors represents professionals already mentoring JO100YPN members. They may not available to mentor additional applicants at this time.