How It Works

  • Mentoring is recognised as an effective way of supporting career development of individuals. In an informal, one-to-one relationship, an experienced professional JO100YPN member is able to offer support and coaching to a less experienced person and to respond to the needs of the individual with respect to their professional and personal development.

    The JO100YPN Executive Mentoring Programme offers five distinct strands of mentoring:

    1. Human Resources (strand lead to be advised)
    2. Finance (strand lead to be advised)
    3. Sales (strand lead to be advised)
    4. Technology & IT (strand lead to be advised)
    5. Leadership & Management (strand lead to be advised)

    Download the JO100YPN 2020 Mentoring Guide (pdf)

  • Mentoring is usually undertaken by a more senior, experienced JO100YPN member in the subject discipline (or related area) of the mentee. Mentoring pogrammes are often part of a wider system of employee development support in an institution. Initial promotion and workshops would usually be offered to encourage engagement. The mentoring arrangement / relationship is established on a formal basis and can be an open ended or time bound arrangement. The usual arrangement for mentoring meetings is that they are informal, allowing for a mentor mentee relationship to be established. The discussions would work towards achieving objectives identified by the mentee. The process is driven by the mentee but requires engagement from both parties in order to be successful.

    Key aspects of the mentoring arrangement:

    1. One to one supportive relationship
    2. Focused on the professional and personal development of an individual
    3. It is aimed at facilitating career progression and professional development
    4. Is not part of reporting or line management structures
    5. It is non-judgemental
    6. It is confidential

    Overall, mentoring contributes towards a culture of support in the research environment with specific benefits for different groups. Joining the scheme gives a number of benefits for all involved.

    The process should be driven by the mentee and should be flexible to respond to the specific needs and objectives of the individual, as defined in the application.

    The process is time bound and should end at twelve months, at which point the mentor and mentee will review and evaluate the process and whether objectives have been met. If mentee and mentor decided further mentoring would be beneficial, they would be free to enter a new cycle after setting new objectives.

    It is recommended that the time commitment to the mentoring should be within 1-2 hours per month, but is flexible at the discretion of the mentor / mentee. Initial meeting are recommended to be face-to-face, particularly if the mentoring pair do not know each other, but there after can be arranged to suit both by agreement e.g. using Video Conferencing.

    Mentoring meetings should be confidential, with disclosure of matters discussed only being revealed more widely with the agreement of both mentor and mentee. For the purposes of monitoring and evaluation, only generic questions would be asked about how the mentoring process had worked and met set objectives.

  • The program kicks off with a three-hour workshop session at January conference which includes exclusive training for the mentors and provides a collaborative workshop environment for both mentors and mentees to receive training in etiquettes, communications, leadership, and coaching.

    Mentors and mentees are recommended to meet once per month for two hours. Between monthly sessions, mentors and mentees correspond via email and phone calls to maintain and strengthen communication channels.

  • Benefits for the mentee

    1. Support for career and professional development
    2. Helps with setting and achieving current professional (and possibly future career) goals
    3. Encouragement and increased confidence, particularly for aspiring and early career professionals
    4. Enhanced networking across the industry and potentially with other professionals (if cross-intuitional schemes are created)
    5. Helps individuals to find solutions to challenges
    6. Improves understanding of functional area in the individual institutional setting and across the JO100YPN partnership

    Benefits for the mentor

    1. Development of interpersonal and communication skills
    2. Development of coaching, support skills and experience
    3. Opportunity to reflect on one’s own practice
    4. Increased self-awareness
    5. Builds leadership skills
    6. Supports engagement and development of a professional culture across the JO100YPN value chain

    Benefits for JO100YPN Professions

    1. Develops a supportive profession environment and culture
    2. Enhances profession performance and profession excellence
    3. Enhances the profession reputation of staff
    4. Increased commitment to the profession
    5. Highlights areas for future staff development
    6. Support JO100YPN commitment to the professions and advancement of them
    7. To work towards the JO100YPN’s strategic objectives

  • The program begins in January and concludes in December (12-months). You will be paired with the same mentor(s) for the duration of the mentoring program. Mentors and mentees commit to engaging with their partner 1-2 hours per month and also must be able to attend at least 3 of the 5 JO100YPN events (see upcoming events schedule). While we do understand everyone has busy schedules, a commitment to your match and a willingness to invest time and energy are the most important components for a successful mentoring relationship.

    As mentoring relationships can take many forms, we encourage mentors and mentees to develop a communication engagement strategy that best fits the relationship. This being said, the expectation is that mentees communicate with their assigned mentor at least once a month through the mentoring year.

  • As a mentee, you will benefit by receiving guidance toward your professional career goals, building and strengthening your professional networks and preparing to advance up the corporate ladder.

    Our mentors establish a closer relationship with the JO100YPN and P4PE Institute. They serve as role models by using their coaching skills and sharing expertise through developmental activities to prepare mentees to advance their career.

  • No. We encourage mentors and mentees to develop a communication engagement strategy that best fits the relationship. Meetings with your mentor can be held in person or via phone or video calls.

  • A few examples of mentor/mentee discussion topics include: specific goals and objectives for the year, career objectives, how to network, and the mentee’s resume. Additional resources for mentees include: The Mentee’s Guide (PDF), The Mentor’s Guide (PDF), Successful Mentoring Skills (PDF), and The Mentoring Activities Guide (PDF). These guides are available to the mentor and mentees upon being paired.

  • Yes, the JO100YPN executive mentoring program is managed by P4PE Institute and there are specific commitments and expectations for program participants.

  • There is no cost to participate in the program, however there is a nominal cost to attend the five events, usually between N10,000 and N100,000 each. Sponsorship and free tickets are available.

    To benefit from sponsorship consideration, you and your match must meet minimum mentoring engagement. You must apply for and your mentor must endorsed/recommend your application. Final grant is subject to availability of sponsors and available slots.

  • The JO100YPN Executive Mentorship Committee reviews the applications and determines the matches based on the information shared. Mentors and mentees answer interest and preference questions during the program registration, and those answers are then used to match mentors and mentees.

    That being said, we encourage you to be specific and clear in your responses, while also keeping an open mind to mentoring/being mentored by someone who may be outside of your requested industry.

  • This program is open to young professionals (in HR, Finance, Tech and Sales) looking to advance their careers and experienced professionals willing to grow personally and professionally. To participate in the program, choose the appropriate link below to register. Upon receiving your registration, a representative will follow up with you.

  • Yes! Please refer them to this web page for details about the program.

  • Many of our mentors/mentees live and work in Nigeria, while other mentors are located in other African countries. Mentors/mentees can select a preference of location for where their mentors/mentees works during the registration process.

  • If you have any general questions or queries in relation to the overall JO100YPN please contact the Mentoring Programme Coordinator Joel Omeike! at or call +234 809.091.1152. You can also Send WhatsApp Message

    The Programme will be administered through an application called MentorMe which is currently being developed by JO100YPN volunteers and will also be avialable for commercial use by subscribing organisations. The application allows us to set up and run various versions of mentoring schemes, gives mentors and mentees a central place to communicate and the information collected during the registration process allows for initial mentee/mentor matching which is then refined and partnerships are developed. All information is strictly limited within JO100YPN for the purposes of making mentoring partnerships.

    Note: if you would like to be both a mentor and a mentee please complete and submit the application form twice – firstly as a mentor and then as a mentee.

    Should you have questions concerning the programme, please do not hesitate to contact the program coordinator email