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Executive Mentorship Programme.

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Nothing is more important to the growth of an organisation or the success of a region than attracting and retaining top talent. The JO100YPN Executive Mentorship Program, presented by P4PE Institute, connects ambitious young professionals with high-level business leaders to support each other’s professional and personal development. The success of this program can be attributed to the dedicated mentors and its growing popularity.

JO100YPN brings young professionals together for an exchange of information on Personal Development, Career, Professionalism, and Aspirations. The Program allows participants to obtain valuable advice and insights from business and professional leaders. This helps them be better prepared to enter and advance their career as business professionals as well as stewards of the program. Our goal is to have the mentee of today become the mentor of tomorrow so we can strengthen the ties between younger professionals and the surrounding communities and P4PE alumni.

The JO100YPN Executive Mentorship Program matches members at any stage of their careers with mentors ready to help guide them to develop the strategies necessary to accelerate their career and personal growth.

In this one-year program, participants from across (West) Africa are matched with mentors to help them pave a road map for success and a deeper understanding of the tools to leverage opportunities in the JO100YPN professions.


Programme Objective and Goals

The purpose of the JO100YPN Executive Mentorship Program is to prepare young professionals for successful careers in business by integrating academic learning with real-world experiences and to become a model for workforce readiness, embraced by the community.

The goals and objectives of the Executive mentor relationship for Mentors & Mentees:

  1. Career Pathing: Clarify career paths and support personal growth.
  2. Development: Trusted adviser on personal and professional development and advancement
  3. Opportunities: Identify and pursue opportunities related to their career choices.
  4. Leadership: Enhance leadership, management and future work skills
  5. Networking: Opportunity for professional networking growing extra professional relationships
  6. Opportunity to give back and help someone
  7. Build decision-making skills and develop new ideas, competencies and ways of thinking


Create a mentoring program that connects young professionals with established professionals and veterans in the professional and business world in a long-term, one-on-one relationship.

A long-term one-on-one relationship allows participants to build a trusting relationship with their mentor and to feel comfortable seeking career, personal, and life advice from them. For young professionals, the mentor-mentee relationship often becomes one of the more significant and memorable experiences of their early career.